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Tailored Interventions for
ADHD and Autism in Adults

In our upcoming sessions, we'll embark on a journey to deepen our understanding of ADHD and/or Autism through the lens of neurodiversity. Our discussions will not only highlight the challenges that come with being neurodivergent but also celebrate the unique strengths and perspectives it brings to our lives. Here's a glimpse of what we'll cover together:


Embracing ADHD with Neuroaffirming Practices

The Neurodiversity Paradigm

Exploring the concept of neurodiversity and how ADHD fits within this framework. This session aims to shift the narrative from one of deficit to diversity, recognizing ADHD as a natural variation in brain functioning.


Spectrum of ADHD

ADHD manifests uniquely in each individual. We'll discuss the varied experiences of ADHD in adulthood and how these can impact different aspects of life, from personal relationships to professional endeavours.


Emotional Resilience Post-Diagnosis

Receiving an ADHD diagnosis in adulthood can evoke a mix of emotions. We'll talk about strategies to process feelings such as relief, grief, or even anger, and how to cultivate self-compassion as you navigate this new understanding of yourself.


Tailoring Routines and Habits

Routines are powerful, but they don't have to be rigid. We'll delve into creating routines that bring joy and play to your day-to-day life, as well as discuss habit stacking and introducing rewards to reinforce these new practices.


Technology as an Ally

Technology offers some fantastic tools for managing ADHD. We'll explore apps and digital resources that can assist with task management, reminders, and even decision-making processes.


Coping Mechanisms and Self-Regulation

Coping with ADHD involves more than just managing symptoms; it's about finding sustainable strategies that affirm your neurodivergence. We'll cover adaptive coping mechanisms and introduce self-regulation techniques tailored to your needs.


The Power of Movement and Mindfulness

Movement and mindfulness can have a profound impact on focus and well-being. We'll discuss how to incorporate these practices into your routine in a way that feels natural and beneficial for your ADHD brain

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Navigating Life with Autism:
A Neuroaffirmative Approach

Unveiling Autism in Adulthood

We'll begin by understanding the diverse expressions of autism in adults and embrace the empowering perspective of neurodiversity. This session lays the groundwork for self-acceptance and the celebration of your unique autistic identity.


Sensory Processing and Environmental Harmony

Together, we'll explore sensory experiences and how they can profoundly affect your well-being. You'll learn to identify your sensory profile and incorporate self-soothing practices into your life.


Social Dynamics and Authentic Communication

Navigating the complexities of social interactions is a central theme for this session. We'll discuss engaging with social norms while maintaining your authentic communication style and respecting your individual social needs.


Emotional Landscapes and Resilience

Managing emotions can be a nuanced process for autistic adults. We'll introduce tools to help you express emotions constructively and manage emotional intensity, with the aim of preventing overwhelm and meltdowns.


The Rhythm of Routine

Routines provide a sense of comfort and predictability. We'll delve into the importance of routine in your life and share adaptive strategies for handling life's changes and transitions.


Communication and Collaboration

Developing the skills necessary for successful collaboration and teamwork, both professionally and personally. We'll explore how to leverage your unique executive functioning abilities to work effectively with others and foster interdependence.


Cultivating Connections

We'll examine the intricacies of relationships and intimacy, providing a space to discuss these important aspects of life and how to navigate them with confidence.


The Art of Self-Advocacy and Understanding Masking

Understanding your rights and how to assert your needs is crucial. We'll cover self-advocacy and also discuss the concept of masking—how it can be both a skill and a coping mechanism. We'll explore the reasons behind masking, its effects, and how to balance it with the need for authenticity.

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