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Collaborative Care with a Skilled Psychologist in
Adult ADHD & Autism

"As an Educational and Developmental Psychologist with a focus on neurodiversity, I am dedicated to providing insightful assessments and interventions for adults with autism and ADHD. My approach is grounded in the latest neuro-affirming practices, ensuring that every evaluation not only captures the full richness of your individual profile but also empowers you with tailored strategies for thriving in daily life" - Kirsten Chalmers (Psychologist and owner of myturn2talk Psychology)

Psychological Services for Adults with Autism and ADHD

At myturn2talk Psychology, Kirsten offers tailored assessments, interventions, and supervision that celebrate individuality and foster effective strategies for daily living. The focus is not solely on managing neurodivergence but on embracing it and providing support that is both empowering and affirming:

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