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Considering an Autism Assessment?

Taking the step of getting an autism diagnosis can seem overwhelming.  But at myturn2talk Psychology (servicing the Maroondah area) we would like to assure you that taking this step can be incredibly beneficial.

So, let’s talk about some of the concerns you may have:


Concerns About Discussing Autism

One significant concern for autistic clients is the fear of being misunderstood or misrepresented. Autism has been subject to many confusing and inaccurate descriptions.  Autism has been described in various ways over the years, including Infantile Autism, Asperger's Syndrome, Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD), Autistic Disorder, High-Functioning Autism, Low-Functioning Autism, ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), Social Communication Disorder, Sensory Processing Disorder… the list goes on.  


It’s entirely understandable that you might worry that your experiences could be oversimplified or that you will be stereotyped, particularly if a psychologist has misdiagnosed you in the past.  In many cases, autistic clients are well versed in autism, having had to resort to their own research, and it can be difficult trusting professionals when, in the past, they have gotten it so wrong.  


At myturn2talk Psychology, we are a neuro-affirming practice, and Kirsten is an Educational and Development psychologist with lived experience. We understand the complexities and nuances of autism and are well-researched and committed to dispelling myths and providing accurate, individualised autism assessments, reports and support.

Fear of Invalidating Experiences for High-Masking Clients

Another concern for clients on the spectrum is the fear that personal experiences and challenges will be invalidated due to years of masking. Many clients have received the feedback, “You don’t look autistic” or “You can’t be autistic; you have great eye contact”. Clients worry that their experience of being an autistic person might be dismissed as not fitting the "typical" profile. This can be particularly distressing to anyone who has developed coping mechanisms that mask their difficulties, and let’s face it, which autistic adult hasn’t learned to mask?

Recent studies have highlighted the profound impact of masking on high-masking autistic individuals. Research indicates that clients who mask extensively are at a higher risk for mental health issues, including depression and anxiety. The latest findings emphasise the importance of recognising and addressing the unique challenges faced by high-masking autistic individuals. 


At myturn2talk Psychology, we stay abreast of the latest research to provide informed and compassionate care. We understand the complexities of masking and work to create an environment where you can be authentic without hiding your neurodivergent self.

Difficulty in Articulating Neurodivergent Experiences

Given the often complex and nuanced nature of autism, you may find it challenging to articulate your experiences. The fear of not being able to convey your thoughts and feelings in a way that your psychologist will understand can be a significant barrier, especially when, in the past, your experiences have been dismissed by well-meaning albeit misinformed professionals.

At myturn2talk Psychology, we are skilled in helping you articulate your experiences comfortably and authentically. Our neuro-affirming approach, enriched by our lived experiences, ensures we understand communication differences. Our job as your psychologist is to ensure your voice is heard and your experiences are accurately represented.

Autism Treatment and Support

At myturn2talk Psychology, we are acutely aware of your concerns and strive to create a supportive and understanding environment. We don’t treat because you don’t need treatment.  You need support, understanding and accommodating. We take the time to listen to and understand your perspective to offer you the best support.  We aim to foster a space where you can discuss your autism openly and without fear of judgment so you can feel confident to advocate for yourself and others.


Why Choose myturn2talk Psychology?

Choosing a neurodivergent psychologist for your assessment can offer several unique benefits. A psychologist with training and lived experience will likely have developed practical strategies and insights beyond textbook knowledge, offering real-world solutions and coping mechanisms that resonate more authentically with clients. Their perspective can also challenge traditional paradigms and encourage a more holistic, strength-based approach to assessment and support.

Take the Next Step

Getting an autism assessment for adults is a courageous and proactive move towards better understanding yourself and improving your quality of life.

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