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Online ADHD Assessment For Adults


Considering an ADHD Assessment Online?

There are several benefits for ADHDers when choosing to be assessed via Telehealth instead of face-to-face. Here are a few of them:

Comfort of your Home Environment

Many neurodivergent clients find their home environment more comfortable and less distracting than a clinical setting. Being in a familiar space can help reduce anxiety and make it easier to focus during the assessment online.

Reduced Sensory Overload

A psychologist’s office can sometimes be overwhelming due to bright lights, unfamiliar sounds or smells, and other sensory stimuli. Online ADHD assessments allow you to control your environment, minimising sensory overload and making it easier to focus on the assessment.

Flexibility and Convenience

Adult Online ADHD assessment offers greater flexibility in scheduling, which can be particularly beneficial for ADHD clients who may struggle with time management and organisation. It eliminates the need for travel, making fitting the assessment into a busy schedule much more accessible.

Minimised Distractions

A psychologist’s office may have various distractions that can make it difficult for someone with ADHD to focus. At home, individuals can create a controlled environment with fewer distractions, enhancing the accuracy of the assessment.

Enhanced Comfort and Openness

Being in a familiar and comfortable environment can make it easier for ADHD clients to discuss their experiences openly. This can lead to a more authentic and comprehensive assessment experience.


Telehealth makes ADHD assessments more accessible to individuals living in remote areas or with mobility issues. Online assessments ensure everyone has access to quality care, regardless of whether you are in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or anywhere in Australia.

Reduced Social Anxiety

For ADHD clients, social anxiety can be a barrier to seeking face-to-face assessments. Telehealth can reduce this anxiety by allowing you to interact with a psychologist from a comfortable and familiar environment.


Why Choose myturn2talk Psychology for Your Online ADHD Assessment?

At myturn2talk Psychology, we understand your need for security, and if having an assessment online helps, we are here to assist. Our online ADHD assessments are designed to provide a flexible and accessible option for those seeking an ADHD diagnosis.

Take the Next Step

If you suspect you have ADHD, a Telehealth assessment can be a convenient and effective way to gain a better understanding and receive the support you need. 

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