Private Practice


Best practice is an ever evolving practice.  



  • What is your motivation to run a psychology practice?

  • What are your skills and interests?

  • Who are you most drawn to help?

  • Do you consider yourself a generalist or a specialist?


  • What is you mission?

  • Who is your market?

  • How will you communicate your mission to your market?

  • Do you have a website?

  • Are you planning to have a Social Media presence?

  • What will that look like?

Business Basics

  • Do you have a Business Plan?

  • Have you done a SWOT Analysis of your business?

  • What capital investment is required?

  • Are you tracking your income & expenditure accurately?

  • What is your fee schedule?

  • What software will you be using to manage appointments, invoices etc?


Protecting yourself

  • Do you have adequate supervisor?

  • Are you adequately insured?

  • Are you completing regular PD and staying in your lane when it comes to clients?

  • Have you established an agreement that includes consent, cancellation policies etc?

  • Have you drawn up your disclaimer and Terms & Conditions?

Office Space & Logistics
Client Considerations

Does your office tick the following boxes for your clients?​

  • Is your office easily accessible?  Do you have wheelchair access?  Enough space for a pram?

  • Is there easy access to toilets?

  • Is parking, crossing the street, etc safe and easy?

  • Is the space confidential (neighbouring offices can't overhear you?)

  • Can you ensure a space free of interruption during your session?

Office Space & Logistics
Practitioner Considerations?

Does your office space tick the following boxes for yourself and your staff?​

  • Is there adequate security in the building / office / home office?

  • Do you have a plan if a client became aggressive with you or a staff member?

  • Do you have access to the basics: water, tea, coffee, the bathroom?

  • Have you included COVID protocols in place?

  • Is your property ensured for damages?



  • Do you rely on pen and paper?

  • Do you dispose of confidential paperwork correctly?

  • Have you considered a paperless process?

  • How do you store / backup client information?



  • Do you have intake forms & procedures?

  • How do you store credit card information?

  • What's the client experience of your processes? Both online and physically?

  • How do you have the process as smooth, streamlined and stress free as possible?


Exit Strategy

Anticipate the unexpected:

  • What happens to your client files if you are unwell for a period of time or decide to close your practice?

  • How will your business be managed in your absence?

Retirement Strategy

Start with the end in mind:

  • What is your exit strategy when you decide to retire?

  • Who accesses your files when information is required by courts, other professionals, etc?