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Supervision for both provisionally & fully registered Psychologists

Supervision services play a crucial role in supporting both registered psychologists and provisional psychologists in Australia. For registered psychologists, supervision offers a valuable opportunity for ongoing professional development and quality assurance. Supervisors provide guidance, feedback, and a space for reflection, helping registered psychologists enhance their clinical skills, ethical decision-making, and cultural competence. Supervision also facilitates the maintenance of professional standards and adherence to ethical guidelines, ensuring the delivery of high-quality mental health services.


For provisional psychologists, supervision is a mandatory requirement for their pathway to full registration. Supervision provides a structured and supportive environment for provisional psychologists to further develop their clinical skills, integrate theoretical knowledge into practice, and navigate the challenges of the profession. Supervisors serve as mentors, offering guidance, expertise, and constructive feedback to help provisional psychologists progress in their training and meet the competencies required for full registration. Additionally, supervision provides provisional psychologists with a platform to address any ethical dilemmas, explore self-care strategies, and develop a strong professional identity.


Why I love supervising

I love my job!  Everything from providing mentorship and feedback to facilitating self-reflection and fostering personal and professional development, every aspect of supervision is rich with opportunity.


While I am passionate about supervision as a whole, my special interest lies in the intersection of supervision and educational and developmental psychology. Much of my knowledge and experience revolves around working with children, adolescents and their family and school systems.  I am dedicated to imparting my knowledge and expertise in this domain, supporting individuals across various stages of development, promoting optimal learning outcomes, and nurturing emotional well-being.


In addition to my interest in educational and developmental psychology, I have a deep fascination with the topic of burnout. Recognizing the significant toll that burnout can have on mental health professionals, I am committed to equipping supervisees with the tools and strategies necessary for burnout prevention and self-care. I believe that by nurturing a culture of self-care, setting healthy boundaries, and providing the necessary support, we can create sustainable and fulfilling careers in the field of psychology.


As the owner of a private practice, my curiosity extends to the realm of entrepreneurship and its relevance to the field of psychology. I am passionate about exploring innovative approaches to practice management, marketing, and creating sustainable private practices. Empowering psychologists to embrace their entrepreneurial spirit, think creatively, and navigate the business side of their profession is a vital aspect of my supervisory role.

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