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Let's Talk: Parents

When your child receives a diagnosis of ADHD or Autism, it marks a significant moment in your family's life. It's often the first step toward understanding, self-management, and self-advocacy. However, parents are frequently left uncertain about what to do next. That's why we now offer a program specifically designed for parents to explore the next steps and learn how both you and your children can not only survive but thrive.

Post Assessment Support for Parents

In the wake of your child's ADHD or Autism diagnosis, it's not uncommon for parents to reflect on their own experiences and characteristics. You might find yourself wondering about your own neurodiversity, as these traits can sometimes run in families. If you're curious about your own neurodiversity, we offer Adult ADHD and Autism Assessments.


Understanding your own neurodiversity can not only help you better relate to your child but also empower you to embrace your unique strengths and challenges. We believe that by embracing neurodiversity within your family, you can create an environment where everyone can thrive.  Here is some of the support you will get during your assessment.

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  1. Pre-Assessment Discussion

During the initial discussion regarding the possibility of pursuing an assessment for ADHD or autism, the focus is on establishing a supportive and empathetic atmosphere.


Kirsten aims to create a safe space where you can openly express your concerns, questions, and feelings about the assessment process. She will likely begin by asking you about your reasons for considering an assessment and any specific challenges or behaviours you've observed or experienced.


This conversation serves as a foundation for understanding your unique circumstances and determining whether an assessment is appropriate. Kirsten will also explain the assessment procedures, addressing any concerns or misconceptions and discuss the breakdown of steps and costs involved. 

Ultimately, this initial discussion is a vital step in ensuring that both you and your assessor have a clear understanding of your goals and expectations before proceeding with an assessment.

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2. Report Feedback Session

The feedback session is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the assessment findings in a clear and compassionate manner.


During the session, Kirsten will start by summarizing the assessment process and the specific tests or evaluations that were conducted. She will then delve into the results, discussing any diagnoses, if applicable, and explaining what they mean in the context of your unique strengths and challenges. Kirsten will emphasize that an ADHD or Autism diagnosis is not a label but rather a tool to better understand and address the individual's neurodivergent traits.


In addition to discussing the diagnosis, Kirsten will highlight the individual's strengths, talents, and any areas of neurodivergent advantage. This strengths-based approach helps individuals and their families recognize their unique qualities and abilities.


This is an open and collaborative discussion. Kirsten will encourage questions, concerns, and any feelings that may arise during this process. She will explore potential treatment options, therapies, or interventions that may be beneficial going forward.

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3. Post-Assessment Support

Receiving an ADHD or Autism assessment diagnosis can be a pivotal moment in your life. What comes next after assessment is just as crucial as the assessment itself. Kirsten commitment to your well-being extends beyond diagnosis. She offers comprehensive post-assessment support to guide you through understanding and embracing your neurodivergent traits.


Moreover, Kirsten provides personalized guidance to help you navigate the path forward. Whether it involves considering treatment options, seeking therapy, or implementing lifestyle adjustments, Kirsten am here to support you.


Kirsten's focus is on helping you thrive with your neurodivergence, leveraging your unique strengths, and providing strategies for managing challenges. You're not alone on this journey, and myturn2talk Psychology is dedicated to empowering you every step of the way.

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