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ADHD Assessment Services

Assessment Services

Welcome to myturn2talk. At our practice, we understand the diverse ways in which neurodiversity enriches the human experience. We are dedicated to providing you with an affirming and validating space where your unique qualities, strengths, and experiences are respected and embraced.

Embrace Your Neurodivergence:
Seek an Assessment to Prevent Burnout and Enhance Well-being

If you've been navigating life with a sense that you experience the world differently, or if you've faced challenges with attention, social interaction, or executive functioning that seem distinct from those around you, seeking a professional assessment could be a transformative step. 


An accurate diagnosis can provide you with the validation and understanding of your experiences, opening the door to tailored support and strategies designed to work with your unique neurology. It's about self-awareness and empowerment. By understanding your neurodivergent profile, you can begin to advocate for your needs, harness your strengths, and navigate life with greater confidence and fulfillment. 

It all starts with an Initial Consultation

Diagnostic Interview (AUTISM / ADHD

Taking the first step towards personal growth and understanding is a pivotal moment. During our Initial Consultation, our primary goal is to connect with you, explore the reasons you're seeking support, and determine your best options.

In addition to our conversation, our intake form includes an ADHD and Autism screener. We'll provide you with feedback on these screeners to help inform your decision about the next steps. Whether you're interested in an assessment or simply looking for therapeutic guidance without a formal diagnosis, we understand neurodivergence and are here to support you.

A final though!

In today's media landscape, there's a narrative that suggests some individuals are simply "jumping on the neurodivergence bandwagon".


It's important to remember that your experiences and feelings are valid, regardless of such generalizations. Trust your instincts—if you feel that something is not quite right, or if you're struggling in ways that others seem not to, it's worth exploring. Ask yourself, what do you have to lose by seeking understanding and support? On the flip side, consider what you stand to gain: clarity, strategies for improvement, and potentially a more fulfilling way of navigating life. Don't let external commentary deter you from taking steps towards self-discovery and betterment.

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