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Ed & Dev

For me, Ed & Dev Endorsement was the ONLY choice, despite working in private practice for most of my career as a psychologist!  Yes, I had the opportunity to choose other areas of practice but for me, this is the area I have always wanted to practice in and I believe in following your heart not a pay cheque.  So I did. What drew me to this specialisation?    I wanted to work with children & adolescents.  I wanted to help them navigate physical, emotional, and cognitive changes and help them develop a positive sense of self.  I wanted to learn how to engage in appropriate activities in therapy, such as play-therapy, animal-assisted therapy (AAT) , cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), mindfulness and solution-focused therapy, to help them express themselves and work through challenges.​  I wanted to work​ with their families and schools and become an advocate for kids with ASD, ADHD, learning difficulties etc.

Supervision for 
Provisional Psychologists

Provisional Psychologist require supervision for each of the pathways to registrations. The three pathways to registration are 4+2 (now retired), 5+1 or higher degree.

Psychologists re-joining the profession following a period of time off require supervision as part of their re-entry program.  If you have not practised as a psychologist or provisional psychologist for five years or more, you are not automatically eligible for general registration or renewal.


Psychologist with overseas-qualified require supervision as part of their transitional program applicants.

Supervision / Mentorship
Registered Psychologists

Once a psychologist has completed their formal supervised training and are registered, they are required to engage in discussion about issues arising in their practice as part of their ongoing continuing professional development (CPD). This may be peer supervision or formal supervision.


Registered psychologist can also seek supervision as part of a registrar program leading to an area of practice endorsement (AoPE).  To be eligible to apply for endorsement, you must have an approved qualification accredited at sixth year or higher in one of the nine approved areas of practice, hold general registration as a psychologist, and you must complete a period of Board-approved supervised practice through the registrar program.

Guidelines on Area of Practice Endorsements

Educational and developmental psychologists use their knowledge of psychology, learning and development, to assist children, young persons, adults and older adults regarding their learning, academic performance, behavioural, social and emotional development.


They research and evaluate intellectual, social, and emotional strengths and problems, and use their psychological and scientific knowledge to improve methods for helping people live more fulfilling and productive lives.

Consumers of the services of educational and developmental psychologists are persons, groups and organisations, including:

  • school students and their families

  • teachers and principals of schools and educational institutions

  • medical and health practitioners and specialists

  • national, state or local government or non- government organisations, and

  • welfare agencies, juvenile justice, community and aged care services.


Specific services of educational and developmental psychologists include working with learning or conduct problems in childhood, peer and family relationships during schooling, career guidance and adolescent transitions, parenting skills, relationships and career transitions in adults, and healthy aging, grief and loss for older adults.

Source: Psychology Board AHPRA

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